Alarm System

Problem Statement :

BTS rooms are generally remains unmanned at most of the times. But as we all know these rooms are equipped with some sophisticated and obviously costly electrical and electronics devices which need constant inspection to ensure that they are safe and operational. Studying the location of this rooms it can be found that these rooms are located in such a position where rain water, illegal human intrusion, fire and many other unexpected incidents can occur. So remote monitoring is a must needed service for these rooms. An intelligent alarm system can easily assist in this phenomenon.

Our Alarm System

Studying all the factors of keeping the room safe from the unexpected situation our engineers have developed an alarm system. The system can monitor room temperature all the time and generates alarm when the temperature goes above the set temperature. It also can detect if any kind of smoke, hence a fire event occurs in the room and ultimately generates an alarm. System is also equipped with sensors which can detect any kind water seepage in the room. Any kind of human intrusion through the door can also be easily tracked by this system.


  1. Illegal Human Intrusion can be detected
  2. Water seepage be monitored
  3. Smoke/Fire alarm can be generated
  4. Room temperature can be monitored

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