Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS)

Problem statement

Normally BTS rooms are equipped with various sophisticated electrical and electronics devices and moreover these rooms are generally kept airtight having power hungry Air Conditioner (AC) as the main agent of ventilation/cooling. But it has been reported that the rooms can be ventilated/cooled with the same effect at less power consumption than conventional AC based ventilation. Moreover the conventional ventilation/cooling system don't remain functional when main power goes down which may affect the other sophisticated devices in the room.

Our System

By addressing all the problems of conventional Ventilation/cooling System our engineers have designed a ventilation system which is far more intelligent in nature and obviously energy efficient in power consumption. The system uses conventional Air Conditioner along with DC powered Fan to ventilate/cool the room. The system intelligently switches between Fan and AC, keeping the room temperature, outside temperature and room humidity in account. It is to be noted that system uses louver and duct with filter system to keep the room airtight during AC operation and dust free during Fan operation. The system is designed in such a way so that it can be used even without the Air Conditioner if needed (for instance in the places where temperature remains cooler normally) thus consuming less power as DC Fan consumes less power in comparison with Air Conditioner. Moreover system uses 4 different DC Fan and in some cases only 2 of them is kept operational if ambient environment demands so and in some cases when the temperature and humidity remains suitable then all of the cooling/ventilating agent remains deactivated which ensures no unnecessary power consumption.

The System is intelligent enough to monitor all the cooling/ventilating agent whether they are operational or not. If any of the agents fails then it generates alarms to the NOC of the BTS.


  1. Optimum consumption of power with the same cooling/ventilation effect.
  2. Cuts down the unnecessary power consumption for cooling/ventilation.
  3. Room remains cooled/ventilated even if the main power goes down.
  4. Redundancy of the cooling/ventilating agents ensures room temperature and humidity always in control even if some of them fail.
  5. Equipped with built in alarm system to notify the failure of the system in rear occasion.
  6. Manual over-ride is possible if the situation demands so.

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