Energy Efficient Solar Charge Controller

What is Solaris?
Solaris is one of the top Bangladeshi Brands in Solar Energy Business. One of its products is Microcontroller based Solar System Charge Controller. There are various ranges of Solar Charge Controllers to meet the existing demands of household, commercial and industrial establishments. The charge controllers have both PWM and MPPT features which increase charging efficiency.

Special Features of Solaris Charge Controller

  • As a MPPT based charger it has efficient charging technique, which lengthen the battery lifetime.
  • Disconnect the panel upon charge completion to prevent from overcharging.
  • Single Load output with a maximum 20A load current.
  • Three levels of battery voltage indicators to monitor the battery status.
  • Charging and Load Connect LED.
  • Load fuses from Over Current protection.
  • Overload, transit Surge, Lightning and Short Circuit protection.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Automatic Recovery from all protection.
  • High and Low voltage disconnect.

Ranges Available
Model    Specification    Purpose
S-1012    10A, 12V    Household/Industrial
S-2012    20A, 12V    Household/Industrial
S-3012    30A, 12V    Household/Industrial
S-3024    30A, 24V    Industrial
S-3048    30A, 48V    Industrial


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