Power Saving Power Supply for Garment Industry (saves up to 35%)


  1. Power saver for AC sewing motor
  2. In-Rush current protector for AC motor

Product Features

  1. Save Power: The device reduces power consumption around 30-35%
  2. Intelligent Switching System: It senses motor condition and automatically switches between power saving and normal mood.
  3. Thermal Protection: The device is self thermal protected. A beeper will be activated, when the temperature increases to high.
  4. Short-Circuit Detection: If motor or AC line becomes short a beeper will be activated.
  5. Inrush-Current Protection: The device eliminates the inrush-current when motor starts up.

Functional Block Diagram

General Description

Sewing machines are operated by AC motors in Readymade Garments Industry. The motor runs all the time once the machine is switched on, but operator uses pedal to activate the machine for swing. When the pedal is pressed the Motor Pulley and Machine Pulley get connected through class for start swing. Motor runs at it's full capacity when operator don't do swing, which is wastage of electrical energy. The motor cannot be turned off when the operators do not do sewing. PSPS comes into effect during this idle period by reducing the input voltage to the motor and save valuable power intelligently.

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