Intelligent Fuel Quality Monitor

This system consists of three units

  • Density and Temperature Measurement Unit
  • Height Measurement Unit
  • Main Control Unit


Density and Temperature Measurement Unit

Mass flow meter is based on the Coriolis force principle to solve the problem of directly measuring the mass flow of liquids and gases. It does not need any conversion or amendment of pressure, temperature, viscosity and density. It is composed of sensor and transmitter. It is featured as high accuracy (0.1%~0.2%), wide application (for various fluids, slurry, suspension, high viscosity fluid, etc.), low installation requirements, stable working and low maintaining.

Height Measurement Unit

  • It is an embedded system which contains basically
    • A Hydrometer to measure the density or specific gravity of liquid
    • A Thermometer
    • GPRS-GSM module
    • LCD display and indication LEDs
    • Security circuit for self-protection of the device
    • Power supply for the device
    • Backup battery
  • The device will show all measured data on the LCD display and send data to the online software through internet (GPRS).
  • The device is also capable to send SMS automatically about fuel information or any critical situation.
  • The system also stores information within itself so that no data loss occurs when there is network problem.
  • Dual power mode, that is, device can operate both on electricity or battery (during load shedding).


Main Control Unit:

This is the central part of all devices. All data come from the peripherals are processed here. Various types of setting can be changed from here.

Features of the Software:

  • Keeps log of fuel volume with respect to date and time
  • Provides various kinds of reports regarding fuel measurement
  • Different kinds of graphs are available which will be helpful for analysis
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports and graphs are generated
  • Reports and graphs can be generated within any date range
  • Fully automated software which is very simple and user friendly
  • Different user level, protected with password
  • Full history of fuel volume is kept within the software


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