Enhanced Liquid (Water or fuel ) Level detector

Liquid level sensors are used to indicate the level of liquid inside a tank or container. Liquid level detection is critical to awide variety of processes. There exists a wide variety of applications in which it is desirable to monitor to some degree the level of a liquid within a tank or a vessel. Liquid level detectors have widely been used in various liquid tanks, for example, in an automobile for detecting the changing level of fuel in a tank. Liquid level is generally sensed by obtaining a discrete indication if a predetermined level has been reached or obtaining analog representation of the level as it changes. Liquid level sensors make use of various kinds of float operated mechanisms, resistance mechanisms, capacitive mechanisms, and acoustic mechanisms. The most commonly used fluid level sensor is the variable resistor sensor utilizing a float to produce a resistance change in the variable resistor. Capacitive liquid level generally includes a reference capacitor adapted to be fully submerged in the liquid and a measuring capacitor. Liquid level electro-optical sensors operate on the principle of different indices of refraction between the transparent body of a probe and a gaseous medium above the liquid.


  • Device can automatically notify authority about fuel consumptions by sending SMS.
  • Specially designed to be used in generators to prevent fuel tampering.
  • Applicable for industrial and household water pump automation which prevents pump burnout and water overflow.


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