Digital Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage stabilizer is an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. It is designed to tolerate a wide range of input voltage fluctuations to maintain some specified output voltage. OnnoRokom Digital Voltage Stabilizer is a microcontroller based device which ensures the safe voltage compared to any other system available in the market.


  1. Microcontroller based control mechanism.
  2. Wide input voltage range (80VAC-280VAC).
  3. Accurate output voltage stabilization (210VAC-225VAC).
  4. Selectable Start-Up delay (10seconds, 4minutes).
  5. Electrical Surge and Spike protection.
  6. Input and output voltages are displayed in bright seven segment display.
  7. Four additional LED indicators for the states-Delay, Normal, Low Voltage and High Voltage.
  8. Low and High Input Voltage cutoff.
  9. Customizable configuration as per requirement.

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