Device Scheduler (Auto Timer)



In our daily life some devices are need to RUN/ STOP (ON/ OFF) in a scheduled time regularly. As for example, Motor, Sign Boards, Water Heater etc. Device Scheduler (Digital Timer)is a perfect solution for such cases.

Hardware Description

  • The device contains a 7 segments display which always shows normal clock time
  • The clock is operated by a RTC (Real Time Clock), so no chance to time failure
  • There are two LEDs which indicate Power and Load status.
  • There are four buttons which are used to set Clock time, set Load ON time and to set Load OFF time
  • There is a time delay (30 seconds) for surge protection for load shedding
  • The device is designed in such a way (Hardware and Firmware), that there is no chance to hang it

Working process with exampleยท

Suppose, I am a shop keeper and have a sign board in front of my shop and I wish to power on the sign board from evening to mid-night regularly. But sometimes I forget to ON/ OFF the board in time. Device Scheduler (Digital Timer) is the perfect solution for me. For the first use, a schedule is to be set to Power ON /OFF. Once a time schedule is set it will work as scheduled until it changed.

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