Water Pump - Auto Controller

Pi Labs Bangladesh has brought to you the smartest solution for controlling your water pumps. Please contact us immediately if you have been facing any of the following problems for days-

  • Water supply is irregular because pumps are not being operated in proper time.
  • Water is being wasted because pumps are not switched off immediately after the water tank is full.
  • Pumps are often burning out due to high voltage in-rush current.
  • Pumps are running while the reservoir is empty, which is shortening the lifetime of the pumps
  • Continuous load-shedding is making you worried about continuous supply of water.

Our Water Pump - Auto Controller will help you to get rid of these problems and make you tension-free! the controller is fully customizable according to the demand of customers.


  • Operates the water pumps automatically.
  • Gives full protection from high voltage in-rush current, saving your pump from being burnt out.
  • Ensures regular supply of water.
  • Prevents waste of water and electricity.
  • Always keeps your water tank full in accordance with load shedding.

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