Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Prohori Vehicle Tracking System

A major component of any transport or service business is the need for real time information on the activities of your vehicle. Knowing the location of your vehicle is essential to protect your vehicle and the people inside it. Our robust and sophisticated tracking technology 'Prohori' monitors your precise location 24/7 giving you a sense of safety and security. In other words, we never sleep and Prohori's eyes are never shut.

Our product is a virtually undetectable unit. Size of your palm. Rugged and protected with unbreakable casing. Tucked inside the vehicle, with a simple plug and play interface.


  1. Increase vehicle safety by under real time surveillance.
  2. Constant communication between vehicle and authority.
  3. Monitor driver's behavior and driving style.
  4. Identify unauthorized private mileage and excessive idling.


  1. Live Tracking
    • VTS will track your vehicle's location, route, speed and idle time.
  2. Ease of use
    • View the vehicles from anywhere anytime, through an internet connected device (PC, Laptop, Mobile, PDA etc.) via a password protected and user friendly web site. Completely Web-Based Application. No software installation needed.
  3. Easy-to-read Report
    • The report will contain time and date-wise total distance traveled, idle time, work-time, stoppage time, speed i.e. summary of all, in an easy-to-read format.
    • Also there is interactive mapping which help you to visualize your tracking information.
  4. Remote Engine Shutdown
    • In case of theft, hijack or other security reasons, users can remotely immobilize the engine, to prevent the vehicle from being started, either from an authorized cell phone, or by requesting our support center.
  5. Panic Switch (SOS)
    • This is an emergency switch. A SMS will be delivered to owner/user's mobile number upon pressing it in case of emergency.




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