Special Product:

Electronic Voting Machine(EVM)
Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is one of the leading products of Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd. It has shown a new path of technology. It is being used by Bangladesh Election Commission. more

Product for Industrial Automation:

Power Saving Power Supply for Garment Industry (save up to 35%)
Sewing machines are operated by AC motors in Readymade Garments Industry. The motor runs all the time once the machine is switched on but operator uses pedal to activate the machine for swing. When the pedal is pressed the Motor Pulley and Machine Pulley get connected through class for start swing. more
Digital Counter for Knitting Rollers
It is a four-digit counter, which is used for measuring length and various kinds of mechanical drive via accumulating the machinery contact between the running wheel and the object. It usually used for recording length of cloth, paper, leather, wire and cable, steel, plastic sheeting etc. more
Intelligent Fuel Level Monitor For Generator or Reserve Tanks
Liquid level sensors are used to indicate the level of liquid within a tank or container. Liquid level detection is critical to awide variety of processes. more
Intelligent Fuel Quality Monitor
Mass flow meter is based on the Coriolis force principle to solve the problem of directly measuring the mass flow of liquids and gases. It does not need any conversion or amendment of pressure, temperature, viscosity and density. more
Digital Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System
Its a rugged, reliable and battery operated electronic device for monitoring temperature and humidity in a variety of applications across many different industries. It is well-suited for use in manufacturing, processing, and storage environments where reliable monitoring and documentation of specific temp/RH conditions are critical. more
Electricity Logger
Electricity and Generator Logger is self-contained, LAN connected, high precision, data loggers that send information about the presence or absence of Electricity. more

Products Related to Renewable Energy:

Energy Efficient Solar Charge Charge Controller
Solaris is one of the top Bangladeshi Brands in Solar Energy Business. One of its product is Microcontroller based Solar System Charge Controller. There are various ranges of Solar Charge Controllers to meet the existing demands of household, commercial and industrial establishments. more
Energy Efficient Lighiting System (LED based)
Our mission is to offer alternative lighting solutions for the many various applications our customers may have. Whether you are looking to "go green" from CFLs or save on energy consumption costs from standard incandescent lights, our large selection of LED light bulbs and competitive pricing will help you move towards your goal! more

Automobile Solutions:

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)
A major component of any transport or service business is the need for real time information on the activities of your vehicle. Knowing the location of your vehicle is essential to protect your vehicle and the people inside it. Our robust and sophisticated tracking technology 'Prohori' monitors your precise location 24/7 giving you a sense of safety and security. In other words, we never sleep and Prohori's eyes are never shut. more
Digital Speedometer for Motor Cars
A speedometer is used to display the speed of motor vehicle in km/hr. A digital speedometer sense pulses from a sensor (which attached in vehicle wheel) and then it calculate the speed of the vehicle and display the speed in a "LCD" or "7 segment display". more

Product for Telecom Sector:

Alarm System
BTS rooms are generally remains unmanned at most of the times. But as we all know these rooms are equipped with some sophisticated and obviously costly electrical and electronics devices which need constant inspection to ensure that they are safe and operational. more
Voltage, Temperature Monitoring System(VTMS)

Customer Products (General):

Home Lighting System (LED based)
Digital Voltage Stabilizer
Voltage stabilizer is an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. It is designed to tolerate a wide range of input voltage fluctuations to maintain some specified output voltage. OnnoRokom Digital Voltage Stabilizer is a microcontroller based device which ensures the safe voltage compared to any other system available in the market. more
SMS/GPRS Controlled Moving Message Display
Moving Message Displays are ideal for all type of commercial establishments like Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Banks, Airports, Clinics, Hospitals and other such places to get maximum attention of people. more
Device Scheduler (Auto Timer)
In our daily life some devices are need to RUN/ STOP (ON/ OFF) in a scheduled time regularly. As for example, Motor, Sign Boards, Water Heater etc. Device Scheduler (Digital Timer)is a perfect solution for such cases. more

Learning Kits for Individual/Educational Institurte:

Labratory Power Supply
The PS1502AU is a DC regulated linear power supply. This user friendly power supply is ideal for industrial laboratory applications. more
Microcontroller Trainer Board
FPGA Trainer Board
Digital Logic Design Trainer Board

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